Friday, 4 December 2015

Bourjois Rouge Velvet

Hello everyone, my name is Iida and I'm a lipstickoholic. In the winter when the very last drops of sunshine leave my face I become obsessed with red lips. Red wine, plum, burgundy, fuschia - all the reds. I find red lips just so incredibly beautiful against pale skin. In the UK the make up selection at drugstores is amazing, so lately I've been buying a lot from Bourjois Cosmetics; first the Colour Boost Lip Crayon, which I LOVE and posted on my Instagram, and this week I got this Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick. I find it's more a lipstain than a lipstick, and it's perfectly velvety. I got mine in the T15 shade, which is a rich, sassy red.

As with any lipstick, I start by applying a lip balm to moisturise and protect my lips. My favourite of late has been the EOS lipbalm in Coconut Milk. Even though the Bourjois lipstick advertises to have a "non-drying formula", I'd rather be safe than sorry. Little extra moisture never hurt nobody.

The applicator seems more like a lipgloss than a stick but it works really well. I was a bit nervous for the first stroke as the consistency looks quite dense in the bottle, but actually when you apply it the rouge flows really smoothly on the lips. The tip is small enough to access the corners of the mouth, and the applicator helps you to make clean & clear lines. Although I should note, if you do stray and get it anywhere else than were you meant to, wipe it off ASAP as this product stiiiiicks like glue. I never go over the natural line of my lips to make them appear bigger (King Kylie style) but with this product I went slightly over the curve as I think this is perfect for a sassy, slightly exaggerated pout!

I'd recommend painting your full lips first with light layer, and then building up to get the intensity you want. The light base layer will stay in place whole day and you can do occasional touch ups if you feel the need. In general I was really impressed with how well the colour lasted, even after food and multiple drinks it was still mostly in place. This is such a winner.

Shop Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick here // here // and here

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday Must Have #2

 photo signature_zpsd9c1c65c.png I saaid!...BRRR, it's cold in here, there must be some cold-AF-particles in the at-mos-phere! I saaid!...BRRR, it's cold in here, it must be the winter in the at-mos-phere! I saaid!...oh e oh e oh (look at this beautiful pompom jumper), nice nice nice. Slow it down! Oh e oh e oh (it's so cute!), nice nice nice. Here we go!

Now if you didn't get any of that, I suggest you get outta ma blahg right now, fire up your illegal/legal streaming service to watch "Bring It On", and then come up back to this post so you can fully appreciate it. I'm sure all 90's kids know what I'm talking about, but to all my 00's out there, seriously do yourselves a favour and watch it. Anyway, I was dropping some lines because damn girl it's got cold all of a sudden! I feel like in the past few days Queen Elsa has been having some trouble controlling her powers again because it's been freeziing! As a fully functional human being, my natural reaction was to go online and find a cure to the cold: a jumper. I am a firm believer in knitwear, and investing in good quality yarns is 100% worth the splurge. In the theme of how I started this post, I think it's quite fitting that today's Monday Must Have is this seriously cute and warm looking Pom Pom Cashmere Jumper from Chinti and Parker. Cuteness and warmness levels just brought it.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Black Lace Dress & Over the Knee Boots

So. Here we are again, an outfit post for the first time in aaaageees. Sorry about that guys, I do try to get more things up here on the blog but juggling a busy Life-WorkLife-GeneralLife-SocialLife-VirtualLife-BloggerLife-LonetimeLife-EventsImustAttendLife-TheListNeverEndsLife, it's hard to fit in a session with a camera and preferably a camera man, especially now that we're approaching the darkest time of the year and the sun seems non-existent above the grey London sky. Boo-crippidy-hoo. Anyhoo, huge thanks to my wonderful colleagues Lauren and Elizabeth for sacrificing part of your days to make these outfit photos HAPPEN.

I love this lace dress. It's super feminine, flattering and adds a bit of drama. AND, it's perfect for 9-to-5 dressing, exhibit A being that I wore it to work as seen above/below, but I also wore it to a friend's wedding last weekend for the cocktail hour. It's by a Danish brand called Style Butler who I originally discovered through a good friend back in Finland, but this one was an absolute find at TK Maxx. They are another firm favourite of mind, shopping at TK Maxx is like going to a vintage shop or a charity shop; you never know what treasures you're going to find. I guess it's the thrill of the hunt that makes me so addicted to their stores! Latest spot in a TK Maxx was the highly-coveted Falabella bag by Stella McCartney, at a fraction of the RRP. Yeah, they're literally that good. Luckily if you're not able to visit an actual store, they also have a web shop here.

Lace Dress // Style Butler (similar from AngelEye here)
Over the Knee Boots // &Other Stories (similar from Stuart Weitzman here)
Coat // Zara
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