Monday, 30 June 2014

Destination: Belgium

Hello coolies,

Just a quick heads up that I’ll be MIA from the blogosphere for at least a week from today because today has finally arrived! What’s today you say? Today is when we’re going tooooo….Brussels! Me and the gang are off to Rock Werchter music festival that kicks off this coming Thursday and lasts until Sunday. We’re going to take a head start for the holiday and leave tonight so we’ll have a few days to spend discovering Brussels before we head to the festival camping site and join the other festival goers. We haven’t booked tickets back to London yet as we thought we might as well stumble upon Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg or somewhere in Germany since we’re in the hoods anyway. So this trip might take a week, might take two weeks, who knows. I’m pretty sure I’ll update my Instagram account (@iida_hellgren) as often and as religiously as humanly possible so you can follow what trouble I’m getting myself into there. The line-up for the festival is insane, weather’s forecasted to be sunny, we have a big group of awesome people travelling together – needless to say this will be quite an epic week backpacking through Europe (suddenly started singing Young, Wild & Free by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa in my head as I wrote this hehe!). Anyhoo, I’ve not packed, showered or done anything yet so I’d better dash now, see you again in a week or two!

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