Sunday, 27 July 2014


"I don't want to complain that it's hot in my room...but two hobbits just came in and threw a ring in it"

Hot, so hot. London (and apparently Finland as well?) has been hit by a heatwave for the past few weeks and it's starting to feel like a tin can of sunflower oil tuna in a microwave. To deal with the heat I tend to opt for flowy cuts and natural fibers. I did some soulsearching and self-evaluation stylewise the other day, and noticed that each season I seem to purchase one item that unvoluntarily becomes my new obsession. I then end up pairing said item with different pieces 'til death do us part or until I run out of ideas, whether it's an investment piece or something totally inexpensive. Last summer it was a pair of black, baggy leather shorts from Zara, this summer it's been these flowy, pleated shorts I found at H&M. Honestly worn these to every single festival, gig, or show I've attended this summer, in addition to the morning-afters when I've been running errands looking like a tramp with no make up and messy hair from two days earlier.

Shirt Zara/ Shorts H&M/ Shoes &Other Stories/ Bag H&M  photo signature_zpsd9c1c65c.png

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