Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I Love Finland

I'm sat in my room listening to the storm that's raging on outside, with a cuppa of my favourite tea, the only light coming from a vanilla scented candle on my desk. Behind me there's a 21kg turquoise suitcase and an overflowing Neverfull GM, which according to legend, should Never-be-Full. While this could be the beginning of a romantic teen comedy, it just sadly happens to be the last night of my 2 week holiday in Finland. And I couldn't agree more with the weather at the moment; it's pissing down with the occasional lightning strike every two minutes or so. The main thought off the top of my head: I love Finland, and I don't want to leave yet.

I visit Finland quite often and up until now every visit has gone through a similar pattern of arriving at the airport, filling up my schedule with meeting friends, going to the gym, visiting family, maybe doing a bit of shopping, and towards the end feeling more than ready to go back to London again. In best case scenarios I've met a friend for breakfast, straight after another friend for lunch, another friend for afternoon coffee, another friend for dinner, and finally another friend for evening drinks. I feel incredibly happy and blessed to have so many wonderful people I can genuinely call my friends, and I'm so content we've managed to stay friends even if we live in different countries. Most importantly, the fact that we always seem to easily carry on from where we last left is something I've grown to appreciate more than ever. This time however, I spent most of my time relaxing at home or at our summer cottage by the lake, which I loved, but that meant it didn't leave me a lot of time to catch up with as many people as I had wanted to. I do apologise for everyone I missed but I just needed a little breather this time, next time I promise I'll make more time for everyone.

Aaaaand because I spent most of my time chilling at home there really wasn't any point shooting outfit photos since 9 out 10 of my ootds consistent of a baggy t-shirt and short shorts. Instead I caught a spark from somewhere to turn into an enthustiastic amateur photographer of the Finnish nature, and when I "accidentally" discovered the long-lost macro lens for my camera, well...you can admire the Finnish nature and my attempt to catch some of it at its best below :)

 photo signature_zpsd9c1c65c.png


  1. Kiva pieni luonto-Iida -juttu! Selkeesti oot jostain maalta kotosin....

    T. Itäinen Pitkäkatu 30

    1. hahhaaa you know it, veri vettää maalle ja pellon reunaan oikoreittiä ;)

  2. Glad you survived the storm. What amazing pictures. I'd love to travel to Finland someday.

    Thanks for sharing.