Sunday, 12 October 2014

Top Skirt Bloggers of September 2014 by Your Next Ensemble

October 12th...How is that even possible? Almost halfway through the month and I’ve managed not to post a single thing on this platform of mine. Time really does fly when you’re busy enjoying life.

I love autumn; the early fall months are possibly my favourite season of all when it comes to fashion. Combining chunky or light knits with leather, lighter fabrics such as satin, skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, spiced with hats, scarves, gloves, coats, vests – you name it, the possibilities are endless and you can truly let your imagination run free. But the rapidly darkening nights are also a pain in my back pocket regarding the shooting of outfit photos - there’s simply not enough light anymore when I get off work around 7 pm. Thankfully, the lovely people behind Your Next Ensemble gracefully featured me on their Top 10 Skirt Bloggers of September so I’m not completely useless I guess. The peeps behind the blog do a wonderful job curating the best of skirts each month (not trying to talk myself up here, it is an amazing skirt!) as well as compiling beautiful styling ideas varying from the perfect skirt for work or an exciting outfit for a night out. They specialise especially in skirts, which I think is amazing since in my work I hear a lot of women having problems finding the inspiration or even the courage to style a skirt, even a simple, black, A-line skirt. So if you recognised yourself, these specialists are your go-to blog from now on.

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  1. Love your skirt! Great styling! xx