Monday, 5 January 2015

January Pinboard + Glossolody EP by Draper

Hello lovelies and happy new year 2015! Time to kick-start the new year with this month's inspiration pinboard full of black & white, rough surfaces, and delicate details. Also some killer new music by Draper to chill you out whilst trying to survive the maze that is post-Christmas sale shopping. Personally, I've been avoiding all sorts of sale signs with a meaning just because of the fact that regularly sane people somehow seem to go completely cray-cray when they see 'Harrod's' and 'sale' put together (some actually camp outside to get in first, I mean, really?). On the positive note though, there are lots of amazing things happening to so many of my closest and dearest that it makes me so very excited for this year despite my own personal confusions such as which shoe to wear with my midi skirt, the meaning of life, the vastness of the universe, what's right or wrong, et cetera. You know, the usual ponderings. Also having my birthday just around the corner makes the start of January always an extravagantly convenient time for me to wonder what I want to achieve this year and where I want to go next. Which is easier written than done. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hei typsy, vuoden alkajaisiks mulla on sulle blogis haaste! <3
    Miss Gaytri