Monday, 2 March 2015

March Pinboard + Weary of You by Candide

Spring! Spring! SPRING!

Someone over here is well excited for March. Spotting first blooms of the cherry trees and seeing the SUN for more than 4 hours per day is lifting up my spririts almost as majestically as Secret Garden, Josh Groban and Westlife all performing "You Raise Me Up" combined. I'm not really sure what exactly it was about this winter that weighed me down so much. Whatever it was, I'm so ready to leave my winter coats behind and enter into the denim jacket season.

March is going to be full of so much fun stuff I can hardly contain myself! I've got friends and family members visiting from Finland, loads of awesome gigs and such happening, the Alexander McQueen Exhibition (travelling tip for anyone coming to London, this one is a must-see), visit to the Warner Bros. Studios, spring collections are finally taking over the winter sale, the duration of the day is getting longer, cool collaborations in regards to the blog and sooooo much more. I'm such a happy bunny at the moment, I want to wish you all equally happy times and thank you guys for sticking it out with me.

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