Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Back from the Dead

Hello lovelies and my sincerest apologies for going AWOL for a few weeks. Last time you heard of me I was going on and on how wunderfül it was to be in Finland, and it truly was. Even though my trip to the Homeland was just for 5 days, they were 5 days spent in awesome company, eating awesome foods and awesome drinks, in awesome places talking about awesome stuff. You win, Finland.

From Finland I flew back to London to do a quick pas-de-bourree and a pirouette before flying to the sunny city of Barcelona for the awesome Primavera Sound festival and a little extra days on the side. I have had such and awesome two weeks, which have also included some not-so-awesome stuff of course, and I'll try to share that here with you guys as soon as I can. But first, I must sleep. Too much fun makes one sleepy puppy. Goodnight.

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