Friday, 26 June 2015

Pick of the Day #3

Hi there! Another find from the endless maze of online sales for you today is Ugg Australia. I know it's summer and a particularly sunny day in London today, and at least in Northern Europe we're used to associating Ugg's with cold weather, so when someone comes up to you and goes "hey man, wanna talk about winter gear?" in the middle of summer, you're just a bit like "nah mate". Snow and slipping on icy pavements is not what you want to be thinking of right now, especially if it reminds you of that time when you wore your new Ugg's to school for the first time, sporting a cool stroll and a happy-as-ever look on your face until you slipped on a rogue snow mat - but hey, on the bright side, at least your feet were warm and cozy when you fell down majestically in front of the whole school. Anyway, now's a good time as any to get your new Ugg's at a discount ready for next winter (winter is coming).

Click on the image to go to these fuzzy Selene boots, and to see the full selection of sale items click here

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