Thursday, 30 July 2015

Metallic Love

Mmmmmmmkaaaaay, so it's been 3 weeks since I posted anything. Seriously didn't mean to go on a blog holiday, it just kind of happened. Well, I mean life happened. Quite a lot has been happening, and in the evenings and weekends when I usually devote time to work on the blog I've either been to knackered to do anything but watch 6 episodes of Dexter in a row on Netflix whilst eating a takeway curry, or I've been celebrating this, that, or the other. I've had a blast nonetheless, and amazing things are on the way, both in my professional life, as well as personal. I'm starting a new chapter in my life that I am so grateful for, and also, tattadadaaa, I'm moving house. Or rathermore, I'm moving in with a boy. A boyfriend type of boy. Scaaaary thought, but also very lovely, and one that I would have never predicted to happen a year ago. Funny how in your head you have your own plans for life, but then life throws your plans back in your face and makes its own plans. Sometimes they are for the better, sometimes for the worse. These occurrences, I'm sure will be of the first kind.

Anyway, I'm quitting my blabbering (that did feel really good though, just typing away some of the thoughts that are running through my head all the time. The act and sound of typing on a keyboard is just so therapeutical), and posting this quick outfit we must have shot about exactly 3 weeks ago but I've just had it hanging around on my desktop, yelling and waving at me. The black waistcoat was another ZARA sale find, like the metallic Vans sneakers. I've made a recent discovery that I'm really, REALLY, into metallic and glittery shoes. Take note everyone who's been wondering what to get me for Christmas this year.

Waistcoat // ZARA
Sneakers // Vans Oldskool (on sale at Schuh) Sunnies // Prada Minimal Baroque
Purse // Zadig & Voltaire Rock Bag (on sale!)
Skirt // ZARA
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