Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sheer White

There's something sophisticated yet sexy about sheer, white fabrics against a summer tan. The light and airy fabric just becomes the perfect contrast to the warm tones a tan brings out in your skin. I absolutely love this top I found at Reiss in Bicester Outlet Village (my absolute guilty-but-very-public-pleasure...) a while back. Unfortunately I love it so much that I've been too afraid to wear it in fear of getting make up, sun lotion, ice cream, wine, lipstick, coffee any other form of clothing destroyers on it. Paired with leather (or pleather, rather) shorts, a feathery headband (back from the days when Blair Waldorf was one of my biggest style influencers), and this summer's new comer to my make up collection - mandarin hue lipstick. I've wanted to try a more coral/mandarin hued lipstick for some summers now, because it looks absolutely amazing when done right, but as it can go horrrrribly, horribly wrong I've shied away before. Alas, Agnes, this summer I pulled myself together and mustered all my courage and finally tried it, only to instantly fall in love with it.

Top // Reiss (similar from Line & Dot here)
Shorts // ZARA (similar from Esprit here)
Headband // Forever21
Shoes // Vans Classic Slip On in Patent Leather
Lipstick // Barry M Lip Paint in Coral
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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Le Specs Halfmoon Magic

If there's one thing I'm addicted to, it's sunglasses (and burritos). Much like shoes, the right pair of sunnies can make or break an outfit, and choosing the right pair for your face shape can be a struggle. Introducing Le Specs, the ultimate Australian heritage sunglasses brand who take their cue from the music scene in Stockholm and New York streetstyle since 1979. I've never owned a pair from them before, but as soon as I tried the Halfmoon Magic style on, I fell in love with the weightless design, transparent frames, big mirror lenses, the slight raised cat eye, and most of all the way they compliment the shape of your face. I've got so many sunglasses that I absolutely love, but they don't sit on my face well enough so they end up A) hurting the bridge of my nose B) feeling heavy and C) leaving two red marks on each side of your nose to make it look like you've just been scuba diving. That's usually not the type of look that I go for. I test-drove my Halfmoon Magics, and none of the above happened, hence they passed my sunnies-driving-test. Big Love feelings for Le Specs, and they won't break your bank.

Le Specs Halfmoon Magic here
Le Specs Go Go Go here
Le Specs Naked Eyes here
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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pick of the Day #4

The Icons. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers have become the sporty chic legends and favourites of every busy fashion girl who loves the idea of not having to sacrifice comfort for style. Paraded as one of the most classic and iconic style of modern shoes, it's a pair that's worth having in every girl's closet. Whether it suits your personal style to pair them down with your favourite skinny jeans, or to get creative and cleverly combine with a girly dress for a laid back-luxe look, these trainers were definitely made for walking.

Online fashion mammoth Zalando has just received a new delivery of Stan Smiths, and are offering a £5 discount on orders above £50. Seeing as Stan's currently retail at £60, why not take advantage of the promotion and get your shoe game up to date. Click on the image below to get straight to the Stans, and use the code ZALGET5SE at checkout to benefit from the discount. Happy shopping.

Beautiful Zina from Fashionvibe perfecting the sporty chic look with her Stan Smiths

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Little Black Peplum Dress

Greetings from sunny Finland. My boyfriend and I have been very happy bunnies on our almost-a-week-long-holiday in my hometown Turku for the past week. Everyone keeps telling us how lucky we got with the weather, apparently it's generally been a bit poo this summer, but for the length of our stay it's been extremely sunny, warm, and just overall lovely. This is what I remember Finnish summers to have been like when I was young (read: 4 years ago). We've been catered by my parents at our family home, we've been cruising on boats, attempting to row a boat (succeeding in rowing a boat in a circle in the middle of a lake), drinking, meeting up with my lovely friends, family, introducing my inexperienced boyfriend to the wonders of sauna (the proper way!), day tripping it up in Helsinki, blueberry picking, and experiencing all the wonderful things Finland has to offer. I'm so sad I can't stay for longer than a week this time, would have preferred to have stayed for at least two weeks so I could have made it to my friend's wedding, Flow festival and horseback riding caravans on the beach to name a few things. But duty calls, and we'll have plenty of fun things to do in London as well thankfully.

I love how sometimes the most inexpensive things can look like they cost 10 times the actual value, like this dress here. I bought it from H&M this winter, for £30 pounds, or something ridiculous like that, and it could easily pass for something you find from upper high street brands like Tara Jarmon, whose collections are filled with beautiful dresses like this one. Paired with ballet flats, cat-eye sunnies and red lipstick, the look has a subtle, modern Audrey Hepburn feeling to it, which is obviously boom. Also really excited to hear new stuff coming from IYES who just released tehir new EP titled "Part One". Much love.

Dress // H&M
Sunnies // By Malene Birger
Bag // Mulberry
Ballet Flats // Tory Burch
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Monday, 3 August 2015

Creating Chanel Haute Couture

Hello lovelies,

I am absolutely pooped. Starting a new job is exciting, fantastic, the first day of the rest of your life - and most of all, exhausting. So. Much. New. Information. So. Many. New. (lovely) People. Above all I am super happy about this new chapter in my life, as it's something that I was trying to achieve for all of last year. To conclude this beautiful day we call Monday, have a look at this mesmerizing video by Chanel, as they provide us with more detail on how they created some of the looks for their latest haute couture show. Absolutely stunning pieces of art, made by seriously talented artists.

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