Wednesday, 30 September 2015



I guess the colour (or rather the equal manifestation of all the colours on the spectrum) white can represent a lot of different things in different cultures and to different individuals. In Western societies it usually represents light, life, serenity, purity and new beginnings. A blank canvas. Although if over saturated, purity can quickly turn into cold, sterile and empty. In other cultures around the world it's often associated with death and mourning - where one life ends and another begins. East and West. Weddings and funerals. Life and Death. Yet still the one connecting factor in every culture is the idea of a new beginning. For me personally, this is the essence of what the concept of white is, a new beginning, a cleansing of sorts. Maybe it's because I was born right at the beginning of a new year, or because I was born in Finland during the winter, but white is and always will be my favourite colour. It's when I feel most confident, probably knowing that white compliments every skin tone, hair colour and style. The one problem I have with white is that I like chocolate. I whole lotta chocolate. And red wine. And coffee. And red lipstick. Catch my drift?

Blazer // ZARA (Asos similar here)
Skirt // H&M (J.Crew similar here)
Top // Reiss (Carven similar here)
Shoes // Adidas Stan Smith
Sunnies // Le Specs Halfmoon Magic

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