Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday Must Have #2

 photo signature_zpsd9c1c65c.png I saaid!...BRRR, it's cold in here, there must be some cold-AF-particles in the at-mos-phere! I saaid!...BRRR, it's cold in here, it must be the winter in the at-mos-phere! I saaid!...oh e oh e oh (look at this beautiful pompom jumper), nice nice nice. Slow it down! Oh e oh e oh (it's so cute!), nice nice nice. Here we go!

Now if you didn't get any of that, I suggest you get outta ma blahg right now, fire up your illegal/legal streaming service to watch "Bring It On", and then come up back to this post so you can fully appreciate it. I'm sure all 90's kids know what I'm talking about, but to all my 00's out there, seriously do yourselves a favour and watch it. Anyway, I was dropping some lines because damn girl it's got cold all of a sudden! I feel like in the past few days Queen Elsa has been having some trouble controlling her powers again because it's been freeziing! As a fully functional human being, my natural reaction was to go online and find a cure to the cold: a jumper. I am a firm believer in knitwear, and investing in good quality yarns is 100% worth the splurge. In the theme of how I started this post, I think it's quite fitting that today's Monday Must Have is this seriously cute and warm looking Pom Pom Cashmere Jumper from Chinti and Parker. Cuteness and warmness levels just brought it.

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  1. I'm a bit more "vintage" than even a '90's kid but I totally know what you are talking about, "Bring it on." I love it.
    Love the sweater, it's soooo cute and unique as well as cozy and warm.

    On a side note I just had a mini Tory shoe haul, I'd love to email you pictures of what I bought if you're interested.

    Have a great day. :))

  2. The dotted sweater is simply perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena